Together We Can Empower Our Community!

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Together we can empower our community!

Providing Pathways to Empowerment

For many people in the Canton community, affordable home ownership seems like a dream that is out of reach. For example, a working single mother, who doesn't qualify for subsidized housing and can't afford to purchase a home in the market, often finds insurmountable obstacles along the road to home ownership.

Here is where ABCD, Inc. steps in and provides a pathway. For almost 45 years, our organization has improved the quality of life for thousands of Canton community residents with programs focused on housing development, transportation, energy conservation and economic development. Not only is ABCD, Inc. providing a path to home ownership, we are revitalizing Canton communities, reinvigorating neighborhoods, improving the quality of life for area residents and boosting the economic base of some of our most blighted areas.

With the help of our community partners and donors, we meet the needs of the many people who fall through the gaps of opportunity or just outside the umbrella of government assistance. Without these life-altering and life-saving services ABCD, Inc. provides, the reality is that many thousands of people would have little to no access to medical care or a decent housing.

And that commitment extends beyond just building homes over to ensuring eventual home ownership for the families who move into our homes and sponsoring neighborhood groups that work toward keeping their communities safe and strong. Even more, through programs in Energy Conservation, ABCD, Inc. assists residents in reducing ongoing electrical bills (by 30% in some cases) and ensures that no family goes without heat in the winter months.

In addition to housing development, ABCD, Inc. provides transportation services to citizens with critical health care needs as well as seniors who rely on ABCD services to maintain an independent lifestyle. For most of these riders, many of which require transportation at odd hours or to places outside of the Canton area for medical services, there is no other service available to assist them in accessing the care that they need when it is needed.

For example, ABCD, Inc. regularly transports dialysis patients, often in the middle of the night. Even more, ABCD, Inc. provides transportation for patients with out-of-town appointments - a recent example being a young boy who underwent a liver transplant and had to see a Cincinnati specialist every three months.

While ABCD, Inc. is able to utilize federal programs to create opportunities in housing, our organization relies heavily on philanthropy to sustain our transportation and energy services, particularly for those we serve who do not qualify for Medicaid assistance.

Donations and gifts help to:

  • Provide required matching funds needed to purchase vehicles.
  • Match contributions from utility companies to conduct electrical audits and provide insulation, replacement furnaces, hot water tanks, etc.
  • Ensure that despite price hikes in wages, gas and insurance, that ABCD, Inc. can provide needed services with no interruption.
  • Transport patients for both in town and out of town medical needs.

"Susan" is a wonderful ABCD, Inc. financial independence success story. A single woman and city employee, Susan was unable to afford home ownership. Fifteen years ago, Susan entered ABCD, Inc.'s home ownership program, moving in to a newly constructed single family home priced at $30,000. As a component of the lease/purchase program, Susan paid $625/month as a lease payment while also earning $1,000 in home equity for every year she lived in the home. At the close of the lease phase, she applied her 15 years of equity ($15,000) toward the $30,000 purchase price of the home - which is now appraised at $45,000. Financing the remaining portion of the purchase through a traditional home mortgage dropped Susan's monthly payments to $237/month. Not only is Susan a proud home owner, but her monthly expenses dropped drastically at the time of purchase. What is even more encouraging is that approximately 140 more people will have the same opportunity during the next five years by exercising their purchase options.

Affordable housing, access to medical care and financial independence are all building blocks that lead to healthier, happier and empowered communities and citizens. Without the ongoing support of many partners and donors, ABCD, Inc. would not be able to create and sustain innovative pathways for many Canton residents to achieve these goals.